Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sebastian's Room

The photos I have in our house tour post were from awhile ago - we didn't even have a crib mattress in yet, and no baby yet either! Here's what we've done with the room since that photo was taken.

For Sebastian's birthday this year we made a couple of tweaks to turn his room from a nursery to a toddler's bedroom. We added the airplane and hot air balloon decals from Etsy seller Design Your Space.

We moved the letters that spelled out "cozy" that was originally over the changing table to this wall. He was standing up, pulling off the letters and throwing them during every diaper change. Ahh, the things that change once your baby becomes mobile. We got a Closet Maid bookcase from Target (before we were using a tall bookshelf we already owned placed on its side. It worked okay, but took up a lot of space and was kind of an eye sore). Sebastian kept mistaking the Chinese lantern we hung from his ceiling for a "balloon" so we turned it into one.

I think it's a really sweet room, filled with lots of homemade touches: we painted the clouds, the ABC animal paintings and the "cozy" letters, and made the curtains and the hot air balloon. It's fun, sweet and cozy, just like the little boy who sleeps there.

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