Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Even If

I love this article.
It's perfect... exactly the kind of mantra I need to adopt to fall in love with my home. As you can tell from reading along with this blog, I have a lot of the same jealousies that the author does at the beginning - the desire for a larger, more Pottery-Barn-perfect house. I want these things partially because I think I'm supposed to want them. This spoke to me:
But for some reason I used to get very caught up in other people's beautiful homes and remodels. I thought I should have those things too—a lovely updated kitchen, a pristine and newly retiled bathroom, and new, high end furnishings. Where I got this idea I'm not entirely sure, but partly it was because I saw so many families around me getting these things. It made me feel like "when will it be my turn?" I basically had a bad attitude.
She goes on to list the ways she is learning to love her modest home:
- Clear the Clutter
- Use What You Have
- Make the Dining Room Table a Clear Area
- Get More Into Cleaning
- Make Stuff
- Generate Good Feelings
- Bring In Nature
- Keep the Nature Table Fresh
- Rearrange
I am totally going to keep these things in mind as I work toward making my condo a home. I am already finding my spirits lifting again as we've been decluttering and cleaning more. With a three day weekend ahead, I want to burrow in at home, do some cleaning and rearranging, perhaps recover the blue chair, and just get everything ready as Matt starts teaching next week, and we settle into our autumn rhythm.

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