Friday, September 3, 2010

My Favorite Jeans

Today I'm wearing my favorite pair of jeans. I spent $75 on them a couple of years ago... an amount that I had never spent on jeans before. I'm usually an Old Navy clearance kind of gal. Anyway, I was shopping with two coworkers, and one talked me into splurging. Because I bought them at a higher end shop, I could have them hemmed for free, and since I'm short, that was a nice bonus. I love these jeans. Somehow, I managed to wear them all through my pregnancy - belted before I was showing, then no belt, then slung a little lower under my belly. I actually was wearing them the day I went into labor. I still wear them now - they've been good post pregnancy pants too, going back over the belly, and now they're belted again. They're soft and really worn in spots, and there are a few stains on the legs from where Sebastian has decided to set a piece of food or wipe his jammy hands. They fit well and are cozy and just make me happy wearing them.
It's really cold outside today - I think in the 50s. I'm happy to be wearing my cozy jeans and drinking a mug of peppermint tea, and counting down the hours till I can go home and start the three day weekend!

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