Friday, September 10, 2010

Playroom - Mostly Done!

We've been slowly working on the playroom, and I'm ready to actually start calling it the playroom. According to my little inspiration board, I wanted to:
-Recover the blue chair
-Buy the gray Ikea rug
-Use the Expedit bookcase as toy and game storage, instead of a dining hutch
-Turn an old coffee table into a train table.
We've accomplished everything but the train table, which we're starting to think would be a nice Christmas present for S.
I really like what we've done with the room! I love, love, love the new blue chair (it's actually kind of grayish green now, but it will forever be the blue chair). We have a nice little LED candle on one of the shelves that I really like to turn on, settle into the chair and read. Sebastian now has lots of toy storage, and we had room to get him a little basketball hoop. Matt can have his keyboard out for practicing his choir music. It's way more functional.
Every once in awhile, I turn to put something on the dining room table and realize it's gone, but otherwise, this is really working for us.

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