Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Visual Goal Tracker

Someone once suggested to me (OK, it was my therapist) that I should find a way to visually track my goal of saving for a down payment on a house. She thought maybe a cute way to motivate us to keep going would be to figure out how much we wanted to save, and then tie that amount to a drawing of a floor plan of a house. Then we could get excited when we saved enough money for a bathroom, for example. I loved this idea, but I took it way too seriously by 1) trying to find and draw by hand the floor plan to an actual realistic house we might buy, and then 2) trying to do the math by square footage rather than just room by room. I gave up in frustration and forgot about the idea.

But since keeping this daily blog, I realized it might be fun to resurrect this idea, so I can keep track of my goal. I’ve been updating you with percentages, and we are 8.6% of the way there currently. I found an image of a floor plan, and there are 20 different spaces in this fictional house. Thus, each space will represent being 5% of the way toward our down payment. So look, we’ve saved for our porch!

I thought I’d “buy” that first since we’ve never had a porch. I think I will leave the yard for last, though, because it’s my biggest reason for wanting a single family home in the first place, and maybe that will be extra motivating.

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