Friday, May 22, 2015

Goal Update - 20%!

I'm back with another goal update. M got a bonus at work, and the entire thing went to the house fund. We're really motivated right now to save, and it's exciting. We've honestly never been this good at saving in our entire lives, and I'm kind of giddy over the change in us. Making it 20% of the way to our goal in the first month we tackled this project is pretty darned good! I don't think we'll be able to maintain this pace through the whole year (we'd reach our goal 6 months early if we could!), but because we won't be paying daycare over the summer, I think we'll be making a lot of progress now, and probably less in the fall and winter.

So, time to fill in more on our floor plan! I want to keep up my excitement and momentum, so I filled in the big living room space. I also filled in the laundry room, because I'm kind of sick of our cramped one in the condo.

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