Monday, August 30, 2010


We've been living unplugged the last few weeks. We have a TV, but no longer have cable. When we purchased our condo in 2006, the seller told us at the closing that "the cable just kinda works." We plugged the TV and sure enough, free basic cable. I sort of felt bad stealing cable for four years. But I figured I'd just plead ignorance and suck it up and pay for it if we were ever caught. Well, in July Comcast switched over to a digital signal, requiring a cable box. So, the days of free cable were over. I thought it would be bad... I loved watching the Daily Show every night before bed, and surfing on over to HGTV whenever I had a free moment. But now, I just leave the TV off. It's been really, really nice. I know come fall I'll start watching some TV again, but it's been a lovely, quiet sumemr not to have background television on constantly. And then when our laptop required a new keyboard and spent two whole weeks with the Geek Squad, I relished that too. I didn't have to have conversations with Matt as his nose was buried in a sports blog, or try in earnest to check my e-mail as Sebastian came running to bang on the keyboard (erm, and we wonder why it broke!)
The laptop is back, but for now, I'm trying to keep it pushed under the couch, and the TV off.

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