Monday, August 23, 2010

Craft Fail

I had this great idea for our playroom makeover. We needed a couple more toy storage bins, and I discovered that an empty diaper box with the lids cut off is just the right size to fit into the Expedit book shelf. I brainstormed ideas on what I could do to turn them into decorative boxes, and decided to cover some in pretty scrapbook paper, and another in cut up paint chips arranged in a mosaic pattern, using Modge Podge. I spent nearly $20 on the craft supplies, which sort of negated my desire to save money using leftover diaper boxes, but hey, at least they'd be custom made. I covered one box relatively successfully in the scrapbook paper. The second, I started covering in the chips, which immediately curled up in an unattractive fashion. So I flipped the box upside down, and weighed it down with a heavy pot. Once it dried, I picked it up, peeling off several of the chips. And, even though they were flattened now, it just didn't look *good*.
So I bought two storage cubes from Target for $12.
I have these visions of myself as a crafty mamma, one who can just whip up a really nice looking home decor project with little to no effort. But as time goes on, I'm realizing this is not my strength. I have creative ideas, but I'm not particularly skilled or artistic enough to pull them off. I'd say I have a good eye for design, but I'm not great at DIY. I think I'm just not patient enough. I start working on an idea, but then it takes too long, so I cut corners and it turns out poorly.
I've been reading a lot of crafty and Waldorf-mom blogs lately, and I think it's increasing my craft anxiety. I'd love to have quirky hand-knitted sweaters, homemade yogurt, and sweetly painted wood toys. But the truth is, I work 40 hours a week and it's so much easier to pick up T-shirts at Old Navy, Stonyfield from the grocery store and a rubber dinosaur at the one spot.

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  1. You definitely can't do it all! Just choose what you actually WANT to do, and skip the rest! :)