Thursday, August 26, 2010


It was a beautiful day on Tuesday, and Matt was on his way to a game night at a friend's house. I was itching to get outside and feel the slightly cool wind on my skin, so I took Sebastian on a walk. We trekked over to the nature center, and spent some time wandering around, picking up twigs and rocks. Sebastian was in a bit of a clingy mood, though, and wanted to be carried most of the way, pointing at pine trees, so needless to say, we didn't make it too far. We came out on the other side of the street, and started heading home. As we walked along, we saw Daddy's car driving up. He waved enthusiastically as he passed, and Sebastian responded to my excited, "It's Daddy!" with a giggle and a wave of his own. Then we saw a couple coming up the sidewalk with a big, black lab on a leash. I recognized the long-haired woman as Sebastian's former early childhood education teacher. A super sweet, bubbly woman, Miss R. gave us a big smile as she approached and said, "Well hi guys!" We stopped to have a quick chat about how big S. is getting, and whether or not we had signed up for a fall class (we did). After we said our good byes, and continued on home, I smiled to myself. I love this neighborhood. There was something so sweetly old-fashioned about being outside on a gorgeous summer evening, running into people we know from the community.

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