Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Fever

The beautiful, warm weather continues, which has given me a case of spring fever. I've started daydreaming about the many projects I want to do around the condo: declutter and have a garage sale, paint the fireplace a creamy white, and fix up the deck.

I have big plans for the deck this year. We barely used it last year, as we were home with a newborn baby and doing nothing but feeding and sleeping. But this year, oh, I have plans. I want to nail lattice to the sides of the deck to block out the view of the ugly dead tree and protect our son from falling through the slats. Then I want to plant leafy green plants, vines, flowers and herbs. I want to spend afternoons on the deck, with Sebastian playing with some outdoor toys, and then evenings after he goes to bed relaxing out there with a glass of white wine and a book. Ahh.

In reality: it's never going to happen if we can't even get started, and to get started we need the lattice.

Damn you lattice. It's been the bane of my existence all weekend. We went to Menards, and actually bought three panels, 2'x8', to bring home and fit along the deck, which measures 5'10" and 13'8". We bring it out to the car, and there's a slight problem. Eight feet is just a wee bit too long to fit in the back of a Saturn. After a few futile moments of trying to cram it in, we bring it back into the store to see if they will cut it. Everyone looks at us like we're crazy, and so, we return the lattice and go home empty handed. The next day, we go to Home Depot and ask them if they will cut it for us, and they tell us it's "against store policy."

Sigh. Apparently there's no way to get lattice home without a truck, and no one will help us cut it, which we really would benefit from since our tools aren't exactly the most sophisticated.

So what did we do? I went shopping instead and bought some sweet little ceramic birds to display on the fireplace. Because clearly we're condo people. I can handle decorating my living room, but trying to do some basic landscaping completely confounds me.

At least the birds are springy.

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