Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breaking the (By)Laws

One of the things I constantly bemoan as a condo owner is the inability to grill out. We have a deck, but we aren't supposed to have grills. However, the weather in the Twin Cities has been unseasonably warm, and I was craving some freshly grilled brats for dinner.

We dragged out the smokey joe, and grilled on our teeny little deck. I spent the whole time pacing the halls, just waiting for the association president to come knocking on our door. Or the police. Okay, I'm a little neurotic.

In the end, no one found out, and we had a delicious dinner of jalapeno and cheddar brats, with grilled asparagus and tomatoes. But, I'm not sure we'll be grilling again. I'm a stickler for the law, and our condo rules are in place for a reason. I was just to nervous about it to really enjoy it. Just one of the many reasons I'd probably be better as a homeowner instead of a condo owner.

Have you ever broken the rules in a condo or apartment?

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