Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Making Small Repairs

Fixing small things around the house gives me such a sense of accomplishment. I get to enjoy the payoff of making a home improvement with very little effort. And I get to scratch things off my to-do list, which always gives me a little thrill (I'm a nerd, I know!)
Last night we tackled two teeny projects. We replaced the toilet seat in our main bath. The old one was super icky, and the paint was crackling on the underside, making it really hard to clean. A lot of times I put so much effort into trying to clean something tricky that it's usually easier just to wave the white flag, replace it and start fresh. This was one of those times. I wish I'd spent the $5 and 5 minutes it took to replace it about 5 years ago!
The other project was a little bigger, but I finally got around to repainting the kitchen trim! You know, only a year after we got new kitchen flooring! It looks so much better! I hadn't realized how grungy and chipped and just overall bad the trim looked until it got a fresh, shiny coat of Shrewin William's Marshmallow. And now that I have the little quart of trim paint, I'm going to tackle another small-but-much-needed project over the next couple weeks - touching up our kitchen cabinets. From afar, they still look great. But when you get up close you can see a few places where the paint has chipped, especially in high use areas.
I'm looking forward to refining our house as we go along with a few more of these high impact but low cost and low effort fixes.

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