Thursday, January 20, 2011

Like an Old Familiar Friend

You remember our old yellow couch, right? The one that added a bright, cheery focal point to my bland, white-walled apartments, but was just too much once we painted our living room green?

Well, after selling it on Craigslist and buying our neutral sectional (that I totally love, by the way),  I did miss that bright pop of color, just a little. So when I saw this super cute yellow graphic pillow in the Target ad for just $8, I had to pick it up.

When paired with the blue floral pillow, and a small little red pillow, I think we tie in the painting above the fireplace (full of primary colors) and pay homage to our old living room (which had a blue chair, yellow couch and red couch), but with a more grown up flair.

Old living room

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