Thursday, December 2, 2010

Would This Work?

I hate our shower. Hate, hate, hate it. If I had known that it would be completely impossible to clean, I probably would have passed on our condo. But when we toured the house, I just thought that the owners just hadn't cleaned it in awhile. The shower had super short doors that fell off the track all the time, a plastic shower tray that is discolored yellow, a big, ugly metal grab bar, and grout that is stained with mold. I've scrubbed a million times with all kinds of different cleaners but to no avail. It remains as ugly and as dirty-looking as always.

We want to change it, more than anything else in our house right now. But I'm not sure we can afford the cost and time of a complete tear down. We're worried we're going to find some unsavory things under the walls and floor.

In my dream world, I'd like to tear down the tile, pull out the tray, replace it with white subway tile that goes to the ceiling, new shower doors that are taller, and a shiny new plastic tray in white. And a new faucet as well.

But maybe a stop-gap measure until we're a little better off would be to regrout the tile, take out the grab bar, and epoxy paint the tray? Would painting it work? A few sites I am seeing say yes, but it seems laborious.

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