Monday, June 14, 2010

Grown Up Furniture

Our current couches scream college to me. Even though we got them both post-college. One is a hand me down IKEA Klippan sofa that the cats have scratched to hell. The other is my beloved yellow couch that I bought in January 2004. After several years of living with futons, I was so excited to buy a real couch. It was so bright and cheerful. We had couch shopped for a couple of months, and when I found this at the Slumberland Clearance Center, I immediately fell in love, and put a deposit down on it before Matt had even had a chance to see it. It has served us well...  it was the perfect couch to brighten up the generic, white-walled apartments we lived in. It inspired most of our decor in the condo. We chose the green walls in the living room as to not clash to terribly with the yellow, and the surrounding hallway and dining room walls are a butter yellow, to complement the couch.
But over the last couple of years, the couch has started to show its age. The cushions grew flat and uncomfortable, the back is worn and faded. It's gotten pretty stained since we had Sebastian. Many milk spills, spit up and jam hands have made it look worse for the wear. Yellow is a fun color for two 24 year olds. Not so much for 30 year old parents.
We need something more grown up, more stain resistant, and possibly better scaled to our awkward-sized living room. We just scored a brand new, dark brown leather storage ottoman from Goodwill (it was originally from Target and still had the tags on it, but it was half the price of the one at the store). I had received some birthday money, and tomorrow I will receive a decent bonus from work. Slumberland is having a huge sale this week only. It seems like the stars are aligning for us to buy some more grown up furniture.
I'm hoping to find something with clean lines, maybe in a light gray microfiber. A sofa and a matching chair would be great in our space. Hopefully the couch-gods will shine down upon us like they did with the yellow couch, and show us the right couch for this new, more grown up phase of our lives. If they do, I know I'll be excited. But a little part of me will be sad too. Because I'll no longer be the girl with the bright yellow couch and all the crazy colors in her living room. Am I ready to be a grown up?

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